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smalljoeWelcome to joejohnson.co.uk the official website of the 1986 World Snooker Champion Joe Johnson.
Since winning the World Snooker Championship in 1986,
Joe and his business partner Dave Shipley, own 3 snooker clubs based in Yorkshire, Barnsley, Bradford and Wakefield. He also runs a successful youth snooker academy, passing on his years of knowledge to the next generation of potential snooker stars.

Joe Johnson is available for private coaching lessons £150 per 1 hour session. Joe is also available for Exhibitions anywhere in the world price negotiable. Now hosted in the UK

Primary League 2015


  1. i want to join this snooker academy because my overall dream is to be a professional snooker player can you give me more information about this academy.

  2. Hello Joe!

    The noise made when players replace the rests onto the metal hooks underneath the baulk end of a snooker table is unacceptable.
    A thin bit of pipe-wrap put round the brass that holds the rests ready for the players would cut out all noise and players on other tables would not be disturbed.

    By the way. I watched you play and beat Cliff Wilson in the final of tournament in the Northern Snooker Centre in 1981.
    You inspired me to take up snooker properly. I didn’t win much but have made lots of friends from playing competitive snooker.
    Thanks very much!

    Kevin ( John Smith’s York Snooker Champion 1988)

  3. I really enjoy the warm, calm and open minded way he talks, so please continue, it’s always a pleasure!

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